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This is a place where you can share a story about how you see God working though the lives of other church members or visitors.  Please note the month and year it took place. Under "title" type your name (first, and last initial). To post your own story, just click on "add an entry"-->
I just wanted to drop in and say that the body of this church is simply amazing. These people are so diverse, and come from every socio-economic backgrounds, but still cherish one another as family. The hearts of the people here are so giving, so loving, so ready to help anyone and everyone-not just fellow members. The people here truly embody the spirit of Jesus And do their best to follow in His footsteps. I encourage those that may have stumbled across this website to please join us on Wednesdays and Sundays. We will welcome you just as you are, with open arms. We're all in this world together, and we're all sinners in a fallen world. Join us and find the peAce that only Jesus can bring. Love to you all. Your sister in Christ.
I cannot begin to tell you how the Church and its members have changed me, personally, but also helped my family. We were lost. Plain and simple. Our spirituality had dwindled down to nothingness. Our marriage of twenty years was about to end. We were facing so many hardships that there isn't room to write about them all, but, it is sufficient to say that we were in a terribly dark place. One day, during all of this chaos, my sister in law called and asked me to pick up some donations from the Lazcanos for a sale they were having at Villa Church of Christ. Now, I had been praying for months that God would forgive me, help our family, and reach my children's hearts, as I had realized I had failed in my duty of teaching them properly of the one true God. When we met with Ben to get the donations, he invited my youngest to Bible class that night. My older son was also invited by a friend, so I immediately thanked God for hearing my prayers. When they got home that night, both of them had changed, and Ryan asked me to start taking him on Sundays. I went that very next Sunday. It was instantaneous joy, when I walked in. I felt the Spirit in me, around me, in all of the wonderful people that made us feel welcome, and I actually cried at one point. My husband had been raised in the Church, and he still had reservations about it being nothing but "brimstone and fire and gnashing of teeth." I explained to him how I felt while I was there, how it was a place of love and peace, and "getting right with God." So, he promised to go the following Sunday. He was amazed and moved as much as I was. Two weeks later, we became official members of the Church. We have been stalled a few times because of illness, but otherwise have attended services regularly, and our daughter and her boyfriend have even started attending on their own. The people of this Church genuinely care for one another, and call and offer help when something is wrong. They call just to call. Lol. The congregation has become part of our family. Since then, our marriage has been saved, other issues have been resolved, and we have beaten personal "demons" that I know we couldn't have beaten without the help of our family at Maypearl Church of Christ. The world is no longer the dark abyss that it once was. It is now a place of love, light, and the Glory of God.
My story
I grew up in this church and have always been some what involved. I will admit in my involvement I have not always been connected. A few years ago I felt convicted to be different. I felt like God was, in a sense, behind me pushing me to do uncomfortable and some what scary things. I started meeting with the elders about my church/spiritual frustrations. The elders ALWAYS met with me and intently listened to my concerns. At the time I felt like I was wasting my time and that I was pushing and wanting something that was going to be impossible to make happen. Little did I know that God was working on my patience! I got to the point of complete frustration and decided to let God have my frustrations! It was at that time that I felt complete peace. God began to work in my life and in this church! I learned that Ted Carpenter is not in control! God is in control and if you truly give your heart to him he will make impossible, possible! I still don't have all the answers nor will I ever. I do know that God wants us to COMPLETELY give him our hearts!
Ben Lazcano 3/9/12
As we focus on getting up and going, I want to point out that much of our focus so far has been inward so far, preparing to "get up and go." I just want to brag a little bit about some of our members who are getting up and going by reaching in to minister to our bus students. We have been bringing 30+ students on a weekly basis, and we've needed more help with teaching, sitting with, and getting students home safely each night. There have been a number of adults that have jumped in, and it's been encouraging. As God has blessed this outreach, God is also blessing our church.
Teachers are a Blessing!
We always give thanks to GOD for the teachers--ones that take the effort to prepare for class and then for all the love they show by serving. We had an unprecedented amount of 1st time teachers this past quarter. In part, because the youth group (Thanks to Ben!) all were involved in teaching on Sunday mornings. Thanks again! 03/05/2012--Carter (after the semi-monthly education banquet yesterday)
Mexia Ignite Rally 2012
I just wanted to encourage our youth group to try and go to this in 2013. They do a great job hosting this event. And while I know this is not about anyone in our congregation, I feel like we can all be inspired by this. Ben, Devin, Abrham, and I stayed at a house friday night and we were given a good example of serving and hospitality that comes from CHRIST. Mr. Calvin Prowell, who is around 80 years old and a former elder at this church in Mexia, has a crippled wife that is confined in a wheelchair. But while he continued to take care of her he never stopped making sure we had everything we needed. He even made sure we had a very good breakfast Saturday morning before we headed out to the youth rally. That is love that puts others before self! I thank GOD for servants like Mr. Prowell and I am glad Devin and Abrham got to witness this as well. I am also joyful because I know we have those kind of servants in Maypearl church of CHRIST.
Having Faith through hard times !!!!!
This week I went to the dentist and had to have a root canal, and a crown. It cost me 2,500 dollars. I began to ask God Why is there always something ??? How am I going to pay for this ? Why can't we ever get ahead? On my way home I began to pray ,and while I was praying I kept hearing have faith and trust in me. You are not alone. Today after church I got a phone call from Carter and he told me that someone gave him a 100.00 to give to me to help with the cost of the dentist. I began to cry tears of joy. God hears us and answers prayers. We just have to have the faith !!!!! I am so blessed to be a part of a church that is dedicated to honoring God and Caring for people. When we get down God uses his people to pick us up !!!!! Through this God has showed me a lot .
I caught some of our members going through town today (02/04/2012) doing Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) for some of our other members. They know who they are and the people they did this for know who they are but most importantly is that GOD knows these "acts" were done to glorify HIM!
Ben L
Dec. 2011
Someone dropped a card off at the church saying thank you for members like "Kelly and Jerry" with a check enclosed for $500. It was a couple whose house burned down a couple years ago. Kelly and Jerry P. helped them out with the whole situation and made a big impact on them in the name of Christ and the church. What a blessing this couple is to people who need help.
Ben L.
Nov. 2011
A few weeks ago my car wouldn't start and I called Eddie V. on a Saturday and within a couple hours he was at my house ready to fix my car, whatever it took. He recharged my battery and then wouldn't take a cent. In Bennett's eyes Mr. Eddie was a hero because he fixed Daddy's car. Then a few weeks later Bennett got to ride the train around downtown Maypearl for free, and guess who was the engineer? that's right, Mr. Eddie! he even let Bennett ride the engine and and blow the horn. What a humble man of God.

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