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If you were not a part of the vision Sunday morning, or evening meeting on Jan. 8th, 2012 please use this website to get caught up or refreshed on what was discussed. You can listen to, and download, the whole panel discussion in mp3 format, by Clicking here. Feel free to download the document/outline of the elders' presentation by clicking here

1st Question – Why do you have those shirts on? As you are aware by now, our vision statement is GET UP AND GO! This will be a visual reminder of our intentional efforts to take the Gospel to the lost.

2nd Question – Why is that our vision?
  1. There have been several things happening over the past year that we believe is the work of the Spirit moving in this church. Some of it has been in individual lives and hearts, and some of it has been on a larger level within the church as a whole.
  2. Leadership and, we believe, many of you, feel that the church as we know it has lost its focus regarding bringing the lost to Jesus.
  3. After Ben and Carter came on board the eldership asked the staff to spend some time together in intense discussion, reflection and prayer.
  4. The focus of this time together was to be regarding the direction of their individual ministries as well as the ministry of this church as the Body of Christ.
  5. From this, the ministers brought to the eldership some ideas regarding our vision and focus moving forward. This mission statement and our efforts in that direction are a direct result of these efforts.

3rd Question – What does it mean?

  1. Well, first and foremost it is a call back to what the mission of Christians has always been: To spread the Good News and bring the lost to Christ.
  2. Secondly, it is a reminder that before we can be effective we have to make an effort individually to GET UP. We believe that GET UP involves many things:
    1. First to pray for help with everything we are going to be about
      1. For understanding
      2. For compassionate hearts
      3. For humility
      4. For opportunity
      5. For courage
    2. To intentionally equip ourselves for just such a vision
      1. Identify our target(s)!!
      2. Take a hard look at what is keeping us from being an evangelistic church
        1. Recognize that many of the obstacles are universal but some are personal
        2. Try to evaluate mission specific obstacles facing our church
        3. Build strategies to overcome those obstacles
        4. Look at how we can use our existing corporate time for equipping
        5. Dialogue on additional time together to help with the effort
        6. Small groups?
        7. Adding scheduled corporate meetings?
    3. Create guidelines for the effective use of this time together
    4. Implement strategies and solicit ongoing feedback
    5. Prepare ourselves for the results of our efforts!
      1. Visualize what that impact may be
      2. Discuss what we will need to accommodate possible changes in demographics of the body
        1. Higher percentage of historically unchurched membership
        2. Required energy levels and active participation

GO! then, will involve the actual work of reaching out to the lost based on our new found courage in The Spirit, knowing that God is with us, and commitment to fulfill our role in the Great Commission.

4th Question – As the shepherds, what do you expect from the congregation?
  1. Prayer (as indicated above) for what we are about to undertake.
  2. Commitment to be involved at whatever level you are capable
    1. This does not mean at whatever level you are comfortable
    2. We all have a responsibility in this body to be involved in the work of the church
  3. Prayerful thought on how your life can be under the influence of the Spirit for the glory of God
  4. Participation in the equipping process
  5. Showing your Love for the church as Christ commanded us in John 13:34 - 35
    1. This love should be evident to those outside (context of Christ’s words)
    2. It should also be evident in our support for each other for our efforts
      1. Encouragement – if we are going to be successful we will need lots of it
      2. Specific prayer for each other’s efforts
  6. Feedback regarding the effectiveness of the equipping process
  7. Input regarding the identified targets
  8. Input re: the effective use of all of our corporate activities with “GET UP and GO” in mind
    1. Camps
    2. Retreats
    3. Local and Non-Local benevolence
    4. Pot Luck?!?!
    5. Christmas Dinner
    6. Etc.
  9. Communication of your efforts to leadership for prayer support and guidance (if necessary)
  10. Feedback concerning your experiences upon beginning the reaching out process
    1. Perceived successes
    2. Perceived failures
    3. Need for further equipping
  11. Involvement in the results!!
  12. We leave with you today the initial assignment of thinking of one person you know who needs the Lord, and setting about to reach that person by your participation in the equipping process!
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