Maybe you found this page because you’re looking for answers to questions like…Who is God and how do I approach Him? Who is Jesus? What is the purpose of the church?

Or maybe you’re hurting right now and need to know answers to things like…Why am I hurting? Why am I so frustrated? How do I overcome some of these different emotions?

Maybe you’re wondering is this all there is? You wouldn’t be the first person to ask…What’s my purpose?  How do I find it?

Our experiences in this life can leave us looking for something more than what we see. Disappointments, frustrations, lack of purpose…they can lead us to search for significance beyond what we’ve found to this point. Maybe the chaos of our times has you wondering, “Is this all there is?” Our answer to that is a resounding “NO!!” There are answers to those questions and others that can be found through examining what the world has to offer versus what God has to offer. The best ways to find answers to questions like these is to search with those that have already traveled that path.

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